My trip to Miami

01/02/2008 - Zagraniczne

My last trip to Florida was not a pleasant one. While most folks go there to relax, catch some sunrays and maybe party a bit, my trip was pure business. I was waiting for an important package and I was utterly disappointed with the postal services.Miami is a beautiful city, but I had no time to enjoy the views. I followed the path set by Dolphins mailboxes Miami seems to be full of and finally reached my destination – the Post office. Post office employees were cheerful and helpful as always, but the package I was after was not there. After several nervous phone calls, 2 packs of cigarettes and a jug of coffee I finally traced the package to a nearby ups store.Miami as always tried to drag me away from my duties but I was strong. I finished the last cigarette, fixed my tie and sunglasses and went inside. Ups people demanded 2 photo id’s from me, I was shocked. Apart from my drivers license all I had that even remotely resembled a document was an expired library card. This was a crisis, I just spent 11 hours flying here from Seattle and now it turned out the package was out of my reach. I wanted to scream. This was bad, i had to come up with a way of obtaining the package in time if I wanted to keep my job.

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